NB series


  • Shorten the molding cycle
  • Improve the production efficiency
  • Improve the quality of products


Intercepting a injection molding machine nozzle is mainly used for the injection molding process does not allow the nozzle mouth have salivate and filaments of injection molding, mould material, through the adoption of side side of the production process in the process of the mold (or storage), so as to shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency. This product is mainly used in packaging, automotive and leisure industry, medical and electronic equipment, and other fields, as well as the physical foaming, melt flow preloading, hot runner injection molding and other special industry.


  • Can realize active control opening and closing
  • Single straight flow channel, loss of the injection pressure is small, close to the conventional open nozzle
  • River closure function through the lever system drives the special bolt type structure, in the vertical shear truncation on the melt flow direction, intercepting institution can by pneumatic or hydraulic control, when the nozzle inner chamber pressure is too high, have the function of automatically open nozzle design
  • Change color feeding speed, change color is close to ordinary open nozzle efficiency
  • Particularly suitable for hot runner mold, especially in the occasion of products is very thin, short forming period
  • Salivate proof, but cannot prevent filaments.